First Smart Station in Beijing

We are glad to announce that Terranova, Fiorentini and Shanghai Aerospace delivered and installed the first Smart Gas Grid Station in Beijing.

For the project Pietro Fiorentini, Shanghai Fiorentini, Shangai Aerospace Energy and Terranova developed an integrated system that combines software and hardware technologies to enable an intelligent control of the profiles of pressure and flow entering the network.

Through the pressure profiling and indirect flow measurement of the FIO 2.0 supervising module, the system is now able to continuously self adjust. This allows the system to adapt itself to any change required by the the gas stream on which is installed. FIO 2.0 is a smart device developed by Pietro Fiorentini specifically to allow pressure or flow profiling based on specific strategies. A keystone to create the flexible gas network required by today energy industry. Parameters and pressure/flow strategies can be remotely changed . The powerful Terranova TSG software platform enables the full integration of several FIO 2.0 allowing a cooperative interaction. The flexible network is now possible.