Gas Natural Fenosa is an International leading group in the Energy field; it is present on the market of gas and electricity and in more than 25 countries, providing services to about 20 millions of customers in five continents.

It is the first and the biggest integration company of gas and electricity in Spain and Latin America. In the Iberian Peninsula it directly manages more than 5 MLN of PDR. 

It is the first group in charge of the natural gas distribution in Latin America with more than 6 MLN of PDR (redelivery points). 

It is also one of the main LNG operators in the world and at the same time a reference operator in the Atlantic and Mediterranean area.



The project purchaser is the Centro di Controllo della Distribuzione (CCD: Control Distribution Centre) Barcellona gas division and it controls the infrastructures for the transport and distribution networks present in the Iberian Peninsula and in the other European competent networks.

This structure ensures the correct functioning of the networks 24H per day every single day, guaranteeing safety and continuity, and monitoring the situation to foresee risks and criticalities.

The structure is split up in two areas:

• Dispatching – Safety

• Emergencies (CCAU - Centro de Control de Atencion de Urgencias)

Gas Natural - CCD has shown interest for a solution that allows the management and the integration with the SCADA system, the information Exchange with the apparatuses in the field for the control and regulation (RTU) of the devices present in the low and medium pressure pressure reducing stations.. The future scenario is managing and facilitating the more and more complex reality enabling the network to adapt itself automatically to the changes of working conditions.  



Terranova and Pietro Fiorentini proposal has become an experimental project which includes a pressure profiling on a reducing and metering station in the outskirts of Barcelona.

The pilot project included the study of the solution and the implementation of the remote setting system with automatic on site pressure profiler based on Pietro Fiorentini FIO 2.0 technology. .

Today the system is running, Next step is the integration with the existing SCADA system.


The success of the STEP 1, with a specific attention to the Network Security aspects, has allowed to go on with the project with the development of the interface towards the SCADA (STEP 2).

The obtained results and the trust that Gas Natural delegates showed towards the TSG solution not only implied a wider application of the application to all the Iberian Peninsula, but also induced considering the activation of new functions (such as the cathode protection) and the spreading of the project to Latin America.